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Bayport Blog: Category - Debt Relief

How debt help becomes savings help

Published: 2021-07-02
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Debt Consolidation

When you think about how to get out of debt, you should also be thinking about how to increase your monthly savings. The one goal supports the other. Debt consolidation is a debt solution that…

Don’t let other people cause you financial stress

Published: 2021-06-03
Categories: Debt Relief

Trying to keep up with the Kumalos or the Joneses or the Pillays is like giving your money to other people to spend. Giving in to peer pressure is the worst thing you can do…

How to get out of debt as a family

Published: 2021-04-23
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Debt Consolidation, Debt Restructuring

How to get out of debt as a family The feeling that you are drowning in debt is not fun. Instead of feeling that you must solve the problem on your own, get your family…

Money solutions you have to know: how to protect yourself against card fraud

Published: 2021-03-23
Categories: Credit education and credit awareness, Debt Relief, financial literacy
Tags: Credit Health, Credit Wellness, Debt Relief, Debt stress, Financial Health, Financial Literacy, Financial Stress, Financial Tips

Few things cause more financial distress than falling victim to bank card fraud or other forms of identity theft. You have to know how to keep yourself – and your money – safe. Fraud on…

‘tis the season to consolidate your debt

Published: 2020-11-27
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Consolidation Loan, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief

December holidays and Christmas festivities can be very tough on your pocket. How to make this year different? Plan, plan, and plan some more so you don’t get yourself into more debt than you can…

Why dipping into your retirement savings is not a good debt relief idea

Published: 2020-10-06
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Consolidation Loan, Debt Consolidation, Debt Management, Debt Relief

Covid-19 has done a lot of damage to our already battered economy and many people are struggling to make ends meet and to get out of debt. But before you cash out your retirement savings,…

Financial planning advice every woman should know

Published: 2020-08-19
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Consolidation Loan, Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief, Financial health through consolidation, Financial Literacy

Multiple studies across the developed world, as well as the experience of microfinance companies in the most underdeveloped regions of the world, have come to the same conclusion: women manage money much better than men….

What happens now that your payment holiday is over?

Published: 2020-07-13
Categories: Debt Relief
Tags: Consolidation Loan, Debt Consolidation, Debt Management, Debt Relief, Debt Restructuring

The 3-month payment holiday that banks and credit providers offered their customers was a lifeline for many people. But as you come to the end of this period, it is time to look at your complete money picture and consider the debt solutions available to you.

Your rights as a consumer

Published: 2020-06-02
Categories: Debt Advice, Debt Relief
Tags: Credit Wellness, Financial Health, Responsible lending, Your rights and responsibilities

As a consumer, you have specific rights when it comes to credit, be it short-term or long-term loans. In South Africa, the National Credit Act (NCA) sets out the basic rights – and responsibilities –…

Take control of your financial wellness during times of crisis

Published: 2020-05-25
Categories: Debt Relief, Financial wellness
Tags: Consolidation Loan, Credit Health, Debt Consolidation, Debt Counselling, Debt Management, Debt Relief, Debt stress, Financial education, Financial Health, Financial Planning

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a great amount of stress and uncertainty on everyone. There are concerns around job security, a global recession, physical health and overall financial wellness.

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